Alba Adriatica – Caput Mundi

Does it seem arrogant? Take 2 minutes to find out why it’s not the case!

Obviously, it is easy for us to say, ‘Alba Adriatica is a great place’, if it were just a marketing slogan.

Too bad, since those with experience in the commercial sector have already learned that lies have very short legs.
You can come and visit us for the first time, driven by the images that we imaginatively created, though whenever these turn out to be a delusion, you won’t come back, but even worse you will disadvise friends and acquaintances to visit us.

Our credibility and your trust in us would be damaged, so we would never do something like that!

Whenever we say: ‘Alba Adriaticais a place to discover’, it is because we really think it is.

Alba Adriatica and its surroundings have everything present:

  • A beautiful ocean;
  • Beautiful old towns;
  • Natural Parks;
  • Enogastronomy – ‘Tasting’ the regional culinary arts’’.

Are among the strengths of our region, complemented by something, considered very important by our Hotel Almaluna: ‘our hospitality’.

It is not only very important “what” we offer our guests, but also “how” we do it: ‘in and with everything we do, we focus on putting our clients Center Stage’.Creating the perfect stay for everyone, even if it’s only for a few days, can only be done when it’s done with LOVE.

It’s superfluous to mention a reason why ‘Alba Adriatica in the summer’ should be visited asthe sea and the beach are well known and unique!

However, a possible motive to discover ‘Alba Adriatica in spring’ would be that Abruzzo’s medieval villages with their beautiful architecture can be reached within 30km, that is half an hour by car or bus.
E.g. ‘Civitella del Tronto’, a place you must have seen before you leave.

If you want to experience the region from a natural perspective, you might want to visit the Natural Parks, ‘Gran Sasso’ and ‘Monti della Laga’, both less than an hour away from our Hotel Almaluna.

That’s the beauty of Alba Adriatica: Every time you wake up in the morning, you can decide where you would like to go and what you would like to do. Everything is within reach.

Visit us at the Hotel Almaluna and we will be happy to tell youeven more about Alba Adriatica and its surrounding and you might discoverstating ‘Alba Adriatica – Caput Mundi’ was not that pretentious after all!

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