Deals made for you with passion!

‘Clients first!’; that’s our philosophy at Hotel Almaluna.
Discover our ideas for you to spend less, while being offered more!

Without considering all kinds of promotions being offered; what could be the reasons for choosing and re choose an Hotel?
First of all, the hotel’s location should suit your needs e.g.: local restaurants with good food and nice ambience, entertainment for the whole family, a beautiful sea for a nice swim with a well-equipped beach for some relaxing in the sun.

It might be clear though, these things can’t be influenced by the hotelier. But we’ll tell you a little secret; Our beautiful little seaside town is a place you want to come back to, once you have been here. It’s our job to guarantee all other things will be perfect!

“Clients first”, is our hotel’s philosophy, that’s why our resort is and has been the favourite choice of Italian and foreign families.

Our first goal is to guarantee a wonderful stay; Once you have chosen Almaluna, among a lot of things you can count on awell- trained staff at yourservice, a beautiful pool in our park and a children’s playground, all to ensure you and your family willhave a perfect time.

What more could we offer?

We decided to offer a promotion, so you can discover Almaluna and it’s called “Early Birds”!

You might have already found our hotel online and even would like to make a booking or you are still looking for the perfect place.

We suggest making your choice ‘NOW’ and book your stay at Almaluna!

Book your holiday stay, in the period from 19th of May to 16th of September, and you will get a 7% discount. Do it within the 31stof March to enjoy this special discount.

‘Early Birds’ guarantees a perfect stay, a good price and excellent services!

We truly know how to do it!

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