A Hotel in Alba Adriatica? Choose for beauty!

For a good start of your holidays you must feel good in the hotel.
Discover a bit more about our Hotel Almaluna!

“Beauty will save the world”
Not a random person who made this statement, but Tolstoy, author of ‘War and Peace’, just to freshen up the memory.
And if you ponder about it a little, it really is true.
The moments of beauty make up for a bad day or make it at least bearable and maybe even a great one when we already felt good.

What do you mean by beauty?
We thought about it when we asked ourselves: ‘how should be the hotel Almaluna.’.
Indeed, ‘beauty’ is a little subjective, though it offers freedom.

Because it is the sum of the material and the immaterial aspects that a hotel should offer. Not only determined during the planning, but things that organically will evolve every day.

We have tried to imagine what people are looking for, when they are looking for a hotel in Alba Adriatica: ‘what is it they wish for?’.

Certainly, just to be at a few steps from the sea and not having to search among all the umbrellas on the beach, just to find the one in the right position.

That’s why Hotel Almaluna offers a private beach, on the Marconi promenade, just a few steps from the Hotel.

And if someday, instead of going to the beach, you want to stay at the hotel; there too you must be able to have fun and relax!

For that reason, our Hotel offers you a beautiful swimming pool with whirlpool for adults of course equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds and a baby pool for the little ones. Together with the animation this results in a complete package for you and the whole family!

Unlike many other hotels in Alba Adriatica, we also came up with a sort of ‘extra’. The private beach, OK, the pool too, all OK. But if you want to escape from the warm sun on some summer day, you do not have to go far to find a fresh and cool place. Because in our hotel park you can lay down in the shade and relax in the green: it’s like a little paradise!

A paradise not only for ‘recharging your energy’, but also for training your body, as we have a fitness area! So, you do not need to have any remorse after your holiday because you can continue keeping in shape and condition with us.

Maybe we will not save the world, but we will do our best to make your holiday at Hotel Almaluna the most beautiful ever!

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