Offer yourself a night …

… even if in practical terms, it’s us who is giving you this present!

If we were to tell you that we would like to offer you a free night, would you think we are crazy?
It could be, but this time we aren’t joking.

We take care of our clients and sometimes we surprise them with initiatives they do not expect, e.g. one free night in our hotel!
You think, ‘where’s the catch?’

Stay calm because there is none. We just think that everyone has the need and in some way the responsibility to relax for a few days with the whole family; letting go of everything and re-energize.

We all know it, we quarrel and raise our voice, although we could have told it in peaceful way. We were angry with something or someone and couldn’t just let it go.
It has happened to all of us, we just must learn to take our time for ourselves every now and then!

Hotel Almaluna has made it its mission and goal to create a time for her clients in which one feels almost as if in a cocoon bubble where nobody can come and disturb you.
You have everything at hand. And if you do not find it, just give us a call and we’ll take care of it.
That’s why we thought of the pool, the park for the kids, a green area for resting, and our large and comfortable rooms.

However, if you decide to take a two-day break, you even don’t have time to acclimatize and ‘arrive’, as it will be yet time to pack your bags again.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a free- holiday as you might understand; as this would be a bit unprofitable for us.
The idea of one free night was born to help you taking time for your well-being and to help us better explain that it really is good and beautiful here. Since only telling this of course isn’t enough.

Let’s look at it as a kind of exchange: you offer us your curiosity to know who and how the Hotel Almaluna is and we offer you a free night!

There is only one rule to enjoy your free night: ‘You have to book a stay of at least 3 nights, in the period from 19.05 till 15.06 and we’ll take care of the rest!’.
Yes, you have got it right; Pentecost is in this period. We know this day is celebrated in most countries outside of Italy, which offers the possibility to spend a few days on vacation with your family. That’s why we chose this period, it was not by accident, so you can benefit from our special present!

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