Show cooking: Watch what we will prepare for you!

Watch the Chef at work, preparing your dinner and it will even taste better.

Some people prefer the formula ‘breakfast only’, when making a hotel reservation.
Maybe because they would like to go out and find nice small restaurants in quaint corners of the town; Though in our opinion it might be also because one thinks the hotel catering is the typical classic boring one. At the Hotel Almaluna this absolutely won’t be the case.

During your holidays you should have also the opportunity to experience the surroundings from a ‘enogastronomic’ point of view. So, while you are relaxing between the pool and the beach, we will make sure we can offer you the best high-quality dishes; a gourmet kitchen that will even amaze the ‘connoisseur’.
And since we strive for outperforming other hotels, we wanted to make a little show: ‘show cooking’.

Cooking while you watch

However, the way we do ‘show cooking’ is new and different from the way you are used to. Usually, the term ‘show cooking’ means as much as a competition between chefs.
You may want to skip this definition from your vocabulary; At Hotel Almaluna ‘show cooking’ means ‘showing the guests what they will eat, step by step’.
You can watch the cook preparing the different recipes in our open kitchen. So, you can not only see he’s a craftsman, but you can also check the freshness of the ingredients.

Would you like to have eggs with crispy bacon for breakfast? Watch the chef preparing it for you. Or maybe you would like a flambé dessert? Don’t be afraid, because we flambé it in front of your eyes.
In this way we would like to introduce our restaurant to you, so you can see and taste, that it is worthwhile to have dinner with us.

Hotel Almaluna would like to make the difference; That’s why we came up with ‘show cooking’ in a new way. Do you like the idea?

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