Spring is in the air

It is perhaps the most popular season because of its softness, its colors, it’s fragrances… and it has almost arrived!

After a rather strange winter in Abruzzo; At first the temperatures were not too low, but like a thunder stroke, frost and snow came. Now temperatures are perfect for giving new life to nature.

Of course, there are those who prefer summer or winter; In general fall is the less favorite season, though ‘everyone loves springtime!’.

It might be because of thesun, which unlike in wintertime, is more near the earth and radiates her warmth.

Or because the nature around us comes alive again and inspires us with its new flowers and bright colors.Or simply because we don’t have to wear heavy pullovers and coats anymore, nor do we have to carry an umbrella.

Spring makes everybody smiling!

So, it will not be a coincidence that we are starting to think about a weekend trip as a mid- term break before the summer holidays.

Unlike Italy, where most Italians go on holiday in August, other European countries do not have a holiday season compressed into one month.

It might be therefore that outside of Italy, even more than the Italians themselves, people know that ‘La bella Italia’ is a treasure trove full of wonderful secrets all year long; and maybe in particular springtime, as weather conditions are good and places to travel to not yet overcrowded.

Have You already decided ‘how you want to welcome springtime’?

Of course,once again you could dive into a city of art: Rome, Florence, Naples, just to name a few, where the sun shines on fascinating monuments and you will never be bored even after a thousand visits.

Though you could also go on to discover even more hidden places and thus the typical beauty of the small Italian cities and little towns, like Alba Adriatica. Atown especially known for hosting tourists in summertime, but it would be too easy to limit it to only 3 or 4 months in summertime. Spring is also an excellent period to visit this beautiful town, which overlooks the Adriatic Sea with the Abruzzo Apennines in the background. Whether you want to enjoy a walk along the sea, taking the car to visit charming villages nearby or simply want to relax in the hotel’s park and outdoor pool; Hotel Almaluna is the perfect starting point for your spring- holidays.

Our staff will help you with all your requests and be happy to advise you on ‘what you definitely should see or what places to visit’; we love our ‘home’ and will delighted to let it become a little bit ‘your home’!

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