‘The taste of Abruzzo’

‘Tasting’ the regional culinary arts’ is more and more becoming a motive for going on a holiday.
Therefore: ‘Choose the ‘Taste of Abruzzo’’.

This so-called ‘enogastronomy’ is the main driving force for the Italian tourism industry.

You might remember the Walt Disney character, Eta Beta ‘, Mickey Mouse’s friend from the future, he had magic pants and conjured all sort of things out of it. Here in Abruzzo and Alba Adriatica it is quite the same, whatever type of holiday you wish; Here it is possible.

Art, a beautiful sea with her beaches, skiing amidst gigantic mountain shave always been the motives to visit Italy.

‘The pleasure of tasting local food and drinks, is a novelty since several years now and therefore our region is chosen by many foreign tourists inspired by its food and wine culture, surrounded by its natural beauty.

Every region of Italy, but perhaps every small town, has its specialties.

A trip to Abruzzo is worthwhile!

We believe in the combination of pleasure and tasting local specialties that much that we organize show cooking events at our hotel Almaluna … regularly visit the news section on our website to know more about this!

Why should Abruzzo be a point of interest for food and wine tourism?

Let’s start with the wines: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Doc, but also Docg from Montepulciano delle Colline Teramane. These red wines embody the soul of this land, robust and balanced and keep very well and long.

If you prefer white wine then try the Trebbiano and Pecorino.

If you want to discover something new, then you should focus on ‘Cococciola’, while searching for wineries, especially in the area of Chieti.

Do not miss a sip of Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo, the pride of Abruzzo, one of the best Italian rosé wines, popular for its taste and the balance between structure and freshness, pairing very good with fish.

One day wouldn’t be enough to give you an overview of the culinary specialties!

Though now a short ‘appetizer’ and of course more of them in the restaurant of our Hotel Almaluna!

‘Arrosticini’–made of castrated cheep’s meat or lamb, cut in chunks and pierced by a skewer, you definitely have to taste, even if each area has its peculiarity:  chunks are smaller in Teramo and larger and handmade in Pescara.

For ‘I primi’ it will be hard choosing: between spaghetti with scallops, ‘scrippelle’ (the Abruzzi version of crepes) and the sweet ravioli.

Perhaps now you understand why the ‘Taste of Abruzzo’ is booming.

Because it puts ‘pleasure and taste’ in the center of your stay!

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