We love it, our Hotel Almaluna, being rated!

There are always two sides. Those who love Trip Advisor and the like and those who hate them. It all depends on the point of view …

Since we are human and sometimes simply can have a bad day, it might happen that we make a mistake in work as well as in private life. But that does not change the fact that for us the reviews of Hotel Almaluna are of fundamental importance, they are our barometer!

We thank our guests, except for having stayed with us, also for taking time to share their experiences at the hotel with the online- community.
There is always the risk of finding a negative review, between all the reviews of our hotel; maybe because one did not feel ‘at home’ or had a different idea of what to expect.
However, we believe the ratings will help us to improve our work; that’s why we would like to ask you to write a review at the end of your holiday, whether positive or maybe a little bit negative, but most important ‘sincerely’ as ‘Transparency’ we have high on the list!

Below you can read some reviews of our Hotel; ‘selected for You!’

So, whenever you don’t have time or feel like reading Trip Advisor, you might want to read some reviews below to get a glimpse of ‘who we are’ and ‘how a stay in our hotel could be’!
And please apologize, but we are proud of them and we have also received the ‘Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence’, while our hotel being rated above average with 5 stars!

  • Perfect holiday (September 5, 2017)
    “It is already the second year that we spent our holidays in this hotel and it certainly will not be the last time …. a beautiful structure on a quiet location and only a few steps from the sea, with a large garden and a very relaxing pool, though not huge. A comfortable room, well-furnished and always cleaned very well. Fantastic kitchen, we booked 14 days with full board and there was always a large selection of dishes and the plates excellently decorated. Very friendly staff starting with Lorenzo (the lifeguard), all the waiters, Mrs Liliana from the room cleaning always very nice with a smile, the ‘staff at the front desk, always very attentive.  And a special thanks to Ottavia, the sweet entertainer who played with the children. Highly recommended and certainly deserves 4 stars with an unbeatable rate of value for money”
  • A real HOLIDAY (August 28, 2017)
    “For several years now, I’ve been writing reviews on TripAdvisor for restaurants and hotels, so I would like to address a few words to congratulate everyone who runs this hotel.
    We spent a week with our kids (a 7-month-old and a 2-year-old) in this hotel and had a great time. I’ll summarize the most important features:
    – Structure: The structure is new and very well maintained. The public areas are well-kept and elegant. Particularly, the pool is very nice as you won’t find them often around;
    – Rooms: The rooms are very large and comfortable, with nice big balconies. The bathrooms are also nice and spacious. The room cleaning is excellent;
    – Restaurant: The restaurant is the hotel’s strength, I think. We did not find a dish that we did not like, both in taste and in presentation, it was outstanding. Also, very nice and delicious were the theme- dinner evenings, one dedicated to fish and one with all the typical dishes of Abruzzo;
    – Animation: The animation is present but not intrusive. Our children are still small, but I have seen the animation being appreciated a lot by the older children;
    – Staff: friendly always with a smile, always available and paying special attention to the children; just as you would wish.
    We had a very nice holiday in this hotel. If we ever go back to Alba Adriatica, we will book this hotel for sure. Highly recommended”
  • Exceptional food and cuisine
    “By accident, I was invited to dinner at the Hotel Almaluna and I was very surprised by the great ability of the chef who not only used the highest quality products, but also presented the dishes in an excellent way. Since my only hobby is the ‘enogastronomy’, occasionally I travel around, and it was nice to find such a professionalism in a nice seasonal hotel.
    First course was: ‘Linguine with fresh tuna from the Adriatic Sea with capers and olives’ Taggiasca’… (a real orgasm). To really judge the chef’s ability, I usually order ‘the rigatoni alla gricia’ …. and these too were better than expected. Finally, I went along the desserts and had me served a ‘Crostata Scomposta’ … (just ‘over the top…delicious’). Although Bottura already might have tasted them… the wines are superb, and the service is impeccable. ‘


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