What to do in Alba Adriatica

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Held each year in Alba Adriatica are a range of not-to-be-missed events, festivals and food fairs.

Commencing in June, for example, are artisan markets where you can find handmade items, crafts, rarities, typical local food and wine products, as well as an extensive range of clothing and other items.

Given the great environmental significance of the area and the tranquillity of the period, June is the perfect month for ecological walks and bike rides. Local associations organise events such as “La festa del divertimento” (The Festival of Fun), “La salute è in movimento” (Health is in Moving) and “Pedaliamo per la vita” (Peddle For Life), all very popular occasions in which you are able to participate utilising one of the bicycles supplied by our hotel.These may also be used to ride along the bike path that extends to the neighbouring towns along the coast.
Throughout the entire summer period, and especially in August, evenings come to life with events and shows each night: the chalets offer dance evenings, musicals, karaoke, parades or group games. In addition, the Alba Adriatica and Tortoreto promenade is always a popular place for people out taking an evening stroll.

If that were not enough, the municipality and local associations organise pop, rock, jazz and opera music concerts, artisan exhibitions and sports tournaments.

But one of the most fun and much-awaited events of the year is certainly the Alba Carnival. Each year, Alba Adriatica’s summer festival, featuring a parade of floats also coming from neighbouring towns such as Martinsicuro and showcasing many masks, sees the whole city take part and attracts thousands of visitors along the promenade, where adults and children alike have fun, not missing the opportunity to wear fancy costumes themselves also in the summer period.

The city celebrates its birthday each year on 14th August by organising a treasure hunt, concerts and fireworks that are truly spectacular.

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The week after, following the “Ferragosto” holiday, there is the “Sagra della Sagre” (Festival of the Festivals), a food festival uniting all the typical products of the surrounding territories, offering the perfect opportunity to discover all the best of Val Vibrata gastronomy in one food fair. Ever attentive to its visitors, each year the Alba Adriatica municipality organises fitness and aerobics classes plus other weekly events dedicated to visitors, taking place in a park area in the northern part of the Lungomare Marconi coastline, called “Bambinopoli”.

Thanks to the many initiatives taking place during the summer season, the Alba Adriatica confirms its place each year as the top tourist destination in Abruzzo par excellence. The only requirement to rendering it truly unforgettable is for you to book your holidays at Hotel Almaluna.

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