What to eat in Abruzzo: typical dishes and recipes

timballo teramano

Wisdom and history, this sums up the gastronomic specialities of Abruzzo.

The typical dishes of Teramo are proud and rich in taste, just like the residents of the area. The best-known and most appreciated traditional dish is no doubt the “arrosticino”, a mutton skewer that is often prepared by hand and cooked over coals on a typical “fornacella” grill, enriched with an intense and delicious flavour that even children love.

Just as with another typical lamb dish, the pecora alla callara, the arrosticino is to be strictly served accompanied by a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo from the Colline Teramane DocG, an extremely fragrant red wine with a dry and robust flavour, characteristic of and protected by the Colline Teramane Consortium

ristorante arrosticini alba adriatica

Away from the coast, Teramo is renowned for its truffles that are also utilised in the preparation of flavoured oils, cheeses and sausages. A much-loved dish prepared on festive occasions is the timballo alla teramana, created with scripelle, a type of very thin crêpe, seasoned with typical ragout sauce with tiny meatballs (called “pallottine”). If you want to taste one of these traditional dishes, you could try cooking them following our recipes or taste them directly at one of our traditional dinners.


Not to forget the traditional desserts, to conclude we have “uccelletti” pastries with grape jam or “pepatelli” biscuits.

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